Why Does My Dog Sleep At My Feet? Should I Be Worried?

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You decide to sit down in the evening to read your book or watch some Netflix, and your dog decides to sit down with you as well, lying down next to your feet or even sitting on top of your feet. It might be their favorite place to curl up for a snooze.

But why does your dog do this, and is it something you should be worried about?

The short answer to this question is that it is instinctive pack behavior in response to various situations. For your domesticated dog, you are their pack, which is why they want to do this with you.

But in this article, we will dig into the detail of exactly when and why your dog might be doing this, whether they are behaving territorially, or if they are just trying to keep warm.

Generally speaking, keeping close to your feet is normal dog behavior and isn’t something you should be worried about.

But it can become a problem if it is a sign of fear or stress, if it is accompanied by aggressive behavior, or if they take it to excess and you find yourself tripping over your dog as they try to stay close to you.

So we will also look at what you can do to discourage this behavior if necessary.

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