Venture Capitalist Needed – Angel Dog Diary

The board of Zorros’ Zecurity has decided to follow Cash’s advice and spend more to make a profit.

Dear diary, I always wonder who is on the board, I know that is not someone who does not do practical work. I think it’s Goldie himself (a therapy dog ​​and HR manager), Cash (an economist), Chat (the spoke dog) and then several specialist managers (such as PR, Health and Safety, Training, External Relations, Equality and Fairness) of which I’ve lost count. I almost forgot, I assume Zorro is on the board as founder of the company, but I’m not sure. Zorro seems impressed by the business school dogs (those who have never run a business before) and agrees with whatever they decide.

The problem with the idea of ​​Cash is that we’re out of money, which in dog heaven is mostly FOOD. Cash has never cared about the details of the economy. He told me he is an idea dog; he thinks big and doesn’t keep balances.

“Don’t worry,” he told me. “We just need a venture capitalist to invest in Zorro’s Zecurity and then we can have the company cars!”

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