Trixie: – Modern Art Lead Paws | Nylon Adjustable Dog Lead with Stainless Steel Hooks | Made with Nylon, Padded Loop Gives a Comfortable Grip – (M-L 3.30 ft/20mm) Red

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  • This is a sewn-on motif strap lead. The motif strap is red with bones.
  • It is extra robust due to the 2-ply nylon strap.
  • Ideal for medium breed dogs.
  • Good quality material
  • Steel hook to connect to collar

The Trixie Dog Leash is made from nylon and features a neoprene padded hand strap. This lead is compatible with O-ring, D-Ring, and Carabiner Clip collars. Double-ply nylon with a particularly resilient, neoprene padded wrist strap that is extra strong. Trixie premium dog leash is made of very high quality & resistant double nylon with a padded neoprene handle. Secure closure with carabiner for ease in use. Suitable for all breed dogs. Trixie’s leashes are durable and can be easily adjusted to the right size for more comfortable walks. These light leashes can be used with dogs and dogs alike. The Trixie Nylon Leash is a convenient way to give indoor dogs some exercise. Made of nylon, it is light on your dog despite being durable. The adjustable leash allows you to decide how long you want it. Snap buckles keep it securely in place so your dog can get fresh and exercise while being safely tethered to you. Walk your dog in style in these classic, nylon leashes. The leash lets you have a better grip on and therefore more control over those super excited dogs. The hand loop is padded for the walker’s comfort. Features: Product Type: Leash for dog’s High-quality nylon leash with stainless steel hooks. Adjustable strap to suit the length according to your comfort.

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