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Would Dogs Give Father’s Day Cards If They Could? Of course they would! Dogs never pass up the opportunity to receive love and affection — and give it profusely in return. However, dogs have unique personalities, just like people. Some may be sweet and gentle, while others may be silly and sarcastic.

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“Well, at least you had one perfect dog.”

Ah, yes, the humble tidings of a dog forced to share his kingdom with other so-called canines. They may have four legs and fur, and may bark and growl, but these other dogs are not the proud, stately, and ultra-loyal housewolf that this kind of companion likes itself.

“Dad – so about those teenage years…my mistake.”

Potty-oops, all shredded, restless nights… these are just some of the canine adolescence joys. You have to give it to the dog who can recognize his own weaknesses and shortcomings and admit it with licking and loving.

“Dad, there’s no one I’d rather have to clean up my poop.”

Well, there’s a compliment you don’t hear every day! There is a saying that when aliens arrive, they will think that dogs are in charge because humans follow them and clean up their waste. Dogs may think they are in charge for the same reasons. But at least they are grateful for our scooping.

“Daddy, without me today is just another day.”

Can you imagine how dull and quiet our days would be without a furry friend brimming with personality plus? It would just be a series of days without sniffing, cuddling, wagging and playing with a creature that wants nothing more than to be by your side. Dogs live their lives without deceit, and this card sentiment is simply the truth, plain and simple.

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“If this Father’s Day card is late, blame the mailman.”

Because the dog ate him. Because the screen door was unlocked and the dog barked furiously. And the postman ran / stomped / smoked away. Dogs can’t help it if the postman smells weird and is trespassing!

“Dad, this card can be redeemed for unlimited tech support – I’ll always be there to clear your cookies.”

Dogs have the sweetest hearts, always more than willing to do their part – by tidying up and eating. Whether begging or stealing cookies or other treats, dogs firmly believe in the saying “Don’t waste, don’t want.”

“Happy Father’s Day from your little Shih-T(zu).”

This is all well and good for true Shih-Tzus, but what about large or medium-sized dogs that act like small Shih-Tzus, if you understand my not-so-subtle drive? This is their funny way of saying, “I know who I am, I know you know who I am, and I love that you love me anyway.”

“A little bird told me it was Father’s Day…so I ate it.”

Ruh-roh! Kind of like the postman. And the cookies. But this bird wasn’t nearly as tasty as the cookies. The postman tasted bad too – shame it didn’t taste like chicken. Anyway, have a nice Father’s Day.

“Have a paw-some Father’s Day!”

This is about as serious and healthy as it gets. Any dog ​​who gives his “dad” such an innocent and sentimental card is one of the best guys ever. Maybe Dad can work on his furry kid’s sense of humor and snark all year round.

“I gave you the Father’s Day gift that never stops giving – my fur everywhere.”

The light-as-air, slender threads of love that appear everywhere are constant reminders that your fur child (and its essence) has dug itself into every aspect of your life. Barely used cabinet? Coat. bath? Coat. Tupperware drawer? You get the point. Why not give your human father a card that is a kind reminder that the constant dust bunnies and fluff are your daily gifts of love?

“Happy Father’s Day – having me as a dog should be a gift enough. You’re welcome.”

Again with the bottomless humility! I’m starting to think we have a lot of very sarcastic and funny dogs. Well, again, this column is a reflection of my own inclinations, so… what can I tell you? I’ll tell you this: My husband, Reed, would expect just such a card from our shepherds if they gave him one, and he’d totally agree, despite the boastfulness: They are gift enough indeed.

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