The Iditarod – Angel Dog Diary

This week the Iditarod dog sled race took place on Earth. This is a big event here at Doggy Heaven, everyone at Zorro’s Zecurity has a week off except Loba. Goldie asked her to continue doing security patrols. “We don’t want another theft,” Goldie said, “it would be bad for the company and not good for you.”

But Loba ignored Goldie, “I don’t get paid, and I’m half Huskie,” Loba told me, “I need to see the Iditarod. I also happen to know that the coyotes will follow the race too, so there won’t be any problems,” she added What does that mean?

I think the race is terrible, dear diary, but I cannot admit this to the other dogs. It’s a lot of snow and I lived in Canada when I was young. Snow can be fun to dig tunnels in, but then you get big bumps in your fur and under your paws, and after a while you start shivering, no thanks!

The Iditarod dogs are wild huskie types, and they are callous and dangerous. They run and run for hours, and then they eat some raw fish and howl and crawl in the snow to sleep. I swear I’d die the first day, it’s like a horror movie.

The other dogs in heaven are very interested, watching all the teams and betting a lot. I’m afraid Uncle Zorro is one of the worst gamblers. I see Loba looking at the huskies with admiration, and she says she wished she were there. Her blue eye looks wilder than usual. Great Aunt Kara is highly knowledgeable, commenting on form and techniques and giving unsolicited tactical advice. They are so excited.

I don’t understand them.

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