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It’s a dark and terrifying night on the water and you’re stranded in a boat with engine trouble. You wonder, “Who will come to my rescue and drag me back to the city?” Have no fear – Sea Tow’s dogs are here! These pups and their professionally trained human co-captains help thousands of boaters in need every year.

Sea Tow is a membership service that provides support on the waters along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, Southern California, and select inland lakes. Sea Tow has a 24/7 dispatch and can get to the boat in an hour or less and provide services such as fuel deliveries, jump-starts, loosening, propeller untangling and even boat repairs right on the water.

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Whatever water you’re sailing on, there’s always a Sea Tow location with a dog captain nearby. For example, in Massachusetts, there is a fox-red Labrador Retriever named Cooper at Sea Tow Cape and Islands. At Sea Tow in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, there is a yellow lab called Tuna. Then at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida location, there is a 9 month old Golden Retriever named Skipper. These dogs are ready to help! For the water sports enthusiasts, these canines are even more recognizable than the Sea Tow employees.

Another dog that may be part of your rescue crew is Birdie, from Sea Tow Manasquan, which occupies the Atlantic coast of central New Jersey. This 3-year-old Weimaraner takes her job seriously. While her owner and captain Tim Sanzone takes care of the boat’s needs, Birdie is always able to be nice, be friendly by wagging her tail and provide a sense of comfort to the stranded boaters.

According to Captain Sanzone, the general manager of Sea Tow Manasquan, Birdie is “a fearless companion and one of the friendliest dogs I have ever had. She loves other dogs and children and never leaves my side. She is full of energy and life. and never miss the chance to take a boat trip.”

When Birdie isn’t busy helping stranded boaters, she enjoys swimming, hanging out with her mom Stacey (Tim’s wife) and eating her favorite food, watermelon.

Every skipper hopes that he will never have to experience maritime problems and call for help. If the unthinkable does happen, hopefully when help arrives one of these adorable Sea Tow dogs will be on board to save the day!

Follow Birdie’s adventures on Facebook @SeaTowManasquan.

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