T.S. Universal Pack of Golden PET Jars/PET Plain Jar Set/Plastic Airtight Storage Jars/Plastic Grocery Home Kitchen Container/Air Tight Food Storage Box/Transparent Jar Set(750+500+300+200) ml

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  • T.S. Universal presenting the premium quality PET jars for storing dry & wet any kind of food stuff to your nice kitchen.
  • PET of Polyethylene Terephthalate is widely used for food storage. Even the FDA approved virgin & recycled PET for food contact.
  • The Jars are fully air tight fitted with beautiful golden colored lids and you won’t find any leakage from anywhere.
  • The Jars are available in different storage volumes so that you could have a choice of what you want to keep within them.
  • Made from BPA-free plastic material. BPA-free containers protect you from health hazards of BPA plastics.

T.S.Universal provides you Universal Golden PET Jars For Happy Kitchen. 100% Food-safe Made from high-quality, food-grade PP plastic. These jars have been equipped with an airtight sealing. It prevents the loss of moisture and keeps the aroma and taste of the food stored inside conveniently locked in, ensuring its freshness. Easy to open lid, the containers have swift and easy to operate lid. Space saving canisters, helps you to organize your kitchen. If you’re someone who loves to cook then a well arranged, clean, modern & beautiful kitchen would be the place you want to be. Various kinds of spices and other ingredients will make your dish more memorable. But one of the most important factor is where and how to keep your spices and other ingredients. We will provide you the best solutions for that. Our PET jars are BPA-free, refrigerator & dishwasher friendly, odorless completely safe to store your food. Along with that the golden colored sturdy lids will give it a nice & decent look. They are available in 750mL, 500mL, 300mL & 200mL storage volumes. We’re looking forward to see these containers in your kitchen racks with a beautiful smile on your face. The lids are extremely sturdy but we recommend not to put too much pressure on it. Also these are not fire resistant so putting very hot objects in those jars or bringing them very close to fire may cause deformation.

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