Sun and water safety for your dog

Summer is right around the corner! As temperatures rise, most people and their pups spend more time outside, trying to beat the heat in various ways. Does your dog like to be outside? Here are a few important items to keep an eye on to ensure your dog stays safe and cool during the summer months.


Did you know that dogs can get sunburnt? Dogs with thinner hair and lighter skin are more prone to sunburn on a sunny day. To avoid sunburn, you should regularly go to the shade or indoors. Ask your vet about dog-approved sunscreens or invest in protective clothing that will protect your pup from the sun.

Staying Hydrated

With any kind of play or exercise it is important to replenish our bodies with water to stay cool and hydrated, dogs are no different! In summer it is especially important to always have a clean and full drinking bowl available for your dog throughout the day and for water breaks after playing. Dehydration becomes a bigger problem when the temperature starts to rise, but this is easily prevented with access to fresh water for your pup. Reminder: pay attention to the water bowl. If the dish starts to look hazy or dirty, replace the water in the bowl. Water bowls should be washed once a day to remove any dirt or bacterial buildup.

Water safety

If you live near a pool, lake or ocean, playing in the water is a great way to keep cool during the hot summer months. Before jumping into the water with your dog, check the water source to make sure it is clean, clear, and free of debris. Dogs unfamiliar with water may be a little reluctant to jump right in. Instead of picking them up and putting them in an unfamiliar situation, let them feel comfortable at their own pace. Enticing them with treats and praise makes the new area more interesting and less unfamiliar.

When you’re having fun in the water, it can be easy to forget the symptoms of excessive sunlight exposure and dehydration. Taking breaks from the sun is crucial during the hot summer months and your pup will thank you for it. Once inside or in the comfort of the shade, be sure to rehydrate with fresh water for you and your pup.

After a day of playing in any form of water, a bath can relieve accumulated dirt and bacteria and keep your dog’s skin hydrated.

Within time

Summer weather means warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours. Your pup may love soaking up the summer sun, but elevated temperatures require more concern when it comes to dehydration and sun exposure.

Instead of playing outside for extended periods or during peak sun hours, walk your dog every day before the sun is too high in the sky or just as the sun sets. An easy way to determine if it’s too hot for your dog is the seven-second test. Place your hand on the concrete or asphalt for seven seconds. If you can’t keep your hand on the surface for seven seconds, it will be too hot for your dog to walk outside. Daily exercise is still important, even in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, pet parents may want to adjust their schedule during the summer months to keep their pups safe.

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