SPRINGWAY – Brand of Happiness | Fresh Lock, BPA free, microwave safe storage food container of 6 pcs with Airtight Leak Proof Locking Lid (mix size: 2000ml, 325ml, 150ml, 110 ml)

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  • Airtight container lid with great elasticity power locks tightly
  • Space saver : helps you to save space and neatly organize you kitchen and refrigerator
  • Microwave safe: its heat resistant ability which makes the product microwave safe
  • Freezer safe: This quality of product will help you organize and save space in your freezer
  • It is made from BPA Free material
  • Transparent: it is a see through container
  • Capacity (2000ml, 325ml, 150ml, 110 ml)

Springway – Fresh Lock containers set of 6 helps to store vegetable, pulses, cereals, fruits, cooked food. Its airtight quality helps to keep the stored product fresh for long time. You can also store any liquid substance as it is leak proof product. This product is microwave safe. It is BPA free. It comes in a combo pack of 6 containers of different size, shape, and capacity (2000ml, 325ml, 150ml, 110 ml)

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