Spread of highly contagious virus in South Florida

Miami, Florida Miami-Dade Animal Service is urging dog owners to watch their pets in public because of the spread of new, highly contagious diseases in South Florida.

According to Dr. Maria Serrano, a veterinarian with Animal Services, “The complex of infectious respiratory diseases in dogs is similar to the canine flu or canine cold. They are multiple viruses that affect the respiratory tract and cause respiratory symptoms. Sneezing, coughing and hacking.”

Animal Services also briefed on the reported cases of CIRDC across South Florida. They use dog owners to protect their pets by keeping pets away from places with multiple dogs and keeping them up to date on routine vaccines.

To protect the pets in their shelters, Animal Services is temporarily suspending some of their services for their dogs until further notice.

If your dog starts showing symptoms, see the vet as they can give your dog the proper treatment. Your puppy may be given a course of antibiotics. The incubation period is three to ten days. In case of infection, it can last for two weeks to a month.

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