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Get ready to be impressed by passionate pet entrepreneurs Beau Singer and Branden Waltz. Their mission to create pet products that help doggy day care is something we at Dogster can fully support.

The duo has been friends since high school and has always felt the entrepreneurial mindset. For example, Devoted Dog Bowl was born in Charleston, South Carolina, where they both study business administration.

“We also sell customizable products that are primarily based on dogs and cats,” explains Branden. “We donate 10% of all sales and 100% of all donations to animal shelters. At the end of each month, we collect the total donation and hand-vlog to deliver the money to these shelters.”

Devoted Dog Bowl makes custom premium bowls, including a large stainless steel bowl they describe as “very similar to Yeti’s bowl”, also a small ceramic bowl with a wooden stand and a small and large travel bowl.

“The way some animals are treated breaks our hearts,” explains Branden, “so we want to do what we can to benefit the lives of pets. Devoted Dog Bowl will make a difference for pets, no matter what. is needed!” Beau and Branden have had pets all their lives, Beau has two Redbone Coonhounds, Penny and Copper, and Branden has a Ragdoll cat named Monte.

The two have expanded the company with decorative license plates, decals, lines and a mystery box of chew toys and other goodies to increase sales and get bigger donations. “The short-term goal is to donate as much money as possible and benefit as many dogs and shelters as possible. Our long-term goal is to help turn any death shelter into a no-kill shelter and help create a simpler and more inviting adoption process.”

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