Signboard reads ‘Our dogs climb trees’ passes atmosphere control

Dogs are sometimes a handful to the owners, but this dog owner had to put up the sign for them. A video on Reddit has gone viral for its excellent timing and perfect coincidence.

In the video you can see a sign on the trees and seen from a distance. The sign reads “Our dog climbs trees they are fine” if you zoom in. But the hilarious thing is that you see a dog right above the sign on the tree staring at the camera. The idea of ​​small dogs with attitude is quite popular on the internet, and this one in particular has a lot of it.

The caption to the video reads, “They had to put up a sign for their tree-climbing dogs.” The dog’s reaction in the video makes it even more hilarious, with some even claiming it’s the word “what?” takes in the mouth. According to the comments, climbing with small dogs has become a common phenomenon.

We’re sure you don’t believe us yet, watch the video below:

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