Sick puppy used everything she had to sit up and tell her mom it would be okay

The cruel life on the streets can be cruel enough for people. Animals also suffer from a lack of food, shelter and clean water. Many organizations try to help them by feeding or sheltering them where they can. Meet Animal Aid, a great organization that helps animals and does a great job. Animal charities provide a variety of assistance to stray animals in areas around the world. For example, Animal Aid does everything it can to house and feed the animals, in addition to providing medical care.

Animal Aid got a call about a puppy who was suffering and had severe mange. Even with a lot of love and care, scabies is always a challenge to heal. Her condition was so widespread that she had lost her hair, leaving her susceptible to secondary infections, parasites and sunburn. Animal Aid sent volunteers to help the dog. Caring offers eagerly rolled over her as she was understandably starving, but she wasn’t about to get busted.


Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video


The dog was left on the street for a reason – she was a new mother. It took a lot of coaxing and a lot of dog treats, but the volunteer finally managed to get Mommy. Now it was time to capture her puppies.



Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video


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