Ruined a soldier’s homecoming when dog runs away, she sat down and said his name

This story shows that dogs never forget. Even after their favorite person has passed away in their minds, they continue to anxiously await our arrival. But what happens if their people don’t return? How long do they have to finally walk away from the front door, sit down and accept what no dog will accept? Will they finally let go and move on or will they keep the fear forever?

Well, we have great news! This story is none of those scenarios. It’s an incredible heartwarming reunion and you’ll love the video below!

Image/story source: Youtube video

A dog mother had been sent on a long mission (military deployment) away from her beloved pet, Murphy. When she left, her parents took good care of her beloved companion and BFF Murphy, she said goodbye with sadness. Soldiers are selfless individuals who recognize the danger ahead and serve our country with pride and we thank them for their service. She understood that this goodbye could be forever if she said goodbye to her best friend. It is dangerous to serve our nation and she was sure she would never come back.

Image/story source: Youtube video

In the video below, she and her parents planned her reunion with her dog in advance. She knew it was going to be a magical moment, or at least hoped it would. It was a good idea to film it in case things went as expected. When the soldier arrives at her parents’ house and the front door opens, they don’t have the special moment she longed for.

Image/story source: Youtube video

When she appears, Murphy runs away, holding his tail under him as if he were afraid of her. But when he calmed down a little and listened to her voice, everything changed. He carefully walked over to her. He began to observe her in detail: her smell, tone of voice, appearance. And then it hits him… It WAS his mother and it’s so heartwarming to see!

Image/story source: Youtube video

The long-awaited moment of the dog mother has arrived. Murphy jumps up and kisses his mother, then all bets are off. It’s a real love connection and a cute reunion! Of course, it took Murphy a while to figure out that the woman standing in front of him was his real mother. But most importantly, they are back together!

Make sure to watch the video to the end!

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