Rescuers found dog desperate for her puppies, she did everything she could to get them back

When the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans received a call about an abandoned mother dog in bad shape, they rushed to rescue her. They were shocked by her condition and concerned for the safety of her puppies as they had disappeared.

Image/story source: YouTube Video – Animal Planet

As soon as one of the rescuers called to her, the sweet mother dog immediately wagged her tail and came running. It’s as if she understood that these strangers had been sent to help her locate her lost puppies.

She then led the men to a house just 20 feet away, where they could examine the dog more closely. They discovered that the mother dog belonged to a man who was in prison at the time. The man’s roommate had the puppies, and he claimed he was taking care of the mother dog and her puppies. It became clear to rescuers that this is not true.

Image/story source: YouTube Video – Animal Planet

The workers sought legal help when they couldn’t convince the man to give the puppies over to them, and sure enough, they got legal clearance and took the puppies from him and back to their mother dog.

Image/story source: YouTube Video – Animal Planet

Although a few of the puppies appeared tired, they were immediately breastfed when they were reintroduced to their mother. You can see the gratitude in mommy dog’s eyes for being so happy and grateful.

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