Refuse operator discovers puppy buried in dumpster in apartment container

David Carlson, a garbage collector, was emptying the trash cans at an Ohio apartment complex when he noticed something unusual. He saw a puppy in one of the bins, struggling under garbage bags. Carlson had no idea what to do, but he knew he couldn’t leave the dog like this.

The puppy is a 6 month old Pit Bull who is very loving despite being abandoned. Carlson did the right thing and helped free the puppy from the container. Now the puppy is finally getting the love life it deserves!


Puppy caught in dumpster

After finding the puppy in the dumpster, Carlson called his supervisor, Logan Sieg, to ask what to do. Sieg came to the apartment complex and climbed into the trash to rescue the puppy. The puppy was happy to accept help.

“It is shocking to see a dog in the dumpster. It’s not something you normally see. You know they don’t belong there,” said Sieg† “It was disturbing to see someone throwing” [him] in there and out [him] like that.”

Carlson and Sieg contacted the Franklin County Dog Shelter, who were able to take the puppy into their care. The puppy did well at the shelter, and it’s all thanks to the friendly workers. Carlson and Sieg did their best to make sure this dog survived.

Puppy rescued from dumpster

Shortly after the puppy went up for adoption, he found the perfect family!

A heartwarming adoption!

Brandon Dawson and his wife adopted the Pit Bull puppy and named him Duke. They described the moment as a ‘love at first sight’. As soon as they saw him at the shelter, he jumped up to hug them. They knew right away that they couldn’t leave the shelter without him.

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Duke is such a feisty young dog, so his people are devastated that he had an unhappy past. Duke is still recovering from the incident. He has several cuts and sores on his paws, along with some urinary burns from having to lie in his own urine. It’s unclear who owned him before he ended up in the dumpster, but they clearly weren’t nice to him.

Puppy from waste container is adopted

“He has the full potential to live a healthy and long life and for someone to take that away from him is cruel and wrong,” Dawson said.

Dawson is thankful that Carlson found Duke before it was too late. The garbage man’s detection skills saved Duke’s life and gave him a second chance at happiness. What a lucky bird!

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