Pups&Pets Heavy Weighted Durable Dog Choke Collar Pet Nylon Half Chain Collar Half Choker Stainless Steel Dogs Collars Size – 1.25 inch X-Large for Giant and Large Breed Dog (Black)

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  • High Quality: The choke collar is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable nylon
  • Training & Control: The limited chain collar was designed to enhance more training control.
  • Pet Safety: This martingale collar has a limited closure design
  • As pressure is applied to the nylon leash providing the proper training cue to your dog.
  • 1 Piece ( As Described )

Pups&Pets Choke Collar for Dogs is easy to slip around small dog’s neck. These super stylish, sturdy choke collars are useful in basic training of your dog. A Martingale Dog Collar has a special loop system that tightens when needed for greater control while reducing the risk of your dog backing out and escaping.

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