Pro Breeds Adult Dry Dog Food | Dehydrated Pet Food for Active Dogs and Puppies | Complete Diet , Goat Liver , Chicken Fish – 1kg with Free Chicken + Ginger High Protein Jerky (80g + 80g)

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  • Pro Breed Complete & Balanced Dog Food, A Perfect Food For Adult Dogs Every 1 Gram Of Pro Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Makes 4 Times Of The Nutritious And Taste Of Fresh, Real Food Within Just A Few Minutes Once Added Water Again.
  • Pro Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Provides For Weight Management And Keeping Your Pet Active And Agile Strong Muscles, Bones & Teeth And Healthier & Shinier Coat. It Is Easily Digestible And Supports A Healthy Immune System.
  • ​​A Great Combination Of Ingredients With Pro Breed Adult Dry Dog Food The Goodness Of Vitamins And Minerals That Boosts Your Pets Health And Vitality Maintain Strong Bones And A Healthy Digestive System.
  • Pro Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Suitable For Golden Retriever, German Shephard, Labrador, Dobermann And St. Bernard All Breeds Of Dogs Food, Easily Digestible And Supports A Healthy Immunity System.
  • Pro Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Is An Economical Diet That Can Be Served As A Whole Meal, Fulfilling All The Nutritional Needs Of Your Pet’s Unlike Kibbles No High Heating, No Preservatives, Artificial Colors Or Flavors Used.

Pro Breeds Adult Dry Dog Food Dehydrated Pet Food For Active Dogs And Puppies Complete Diet

Every day more and more concerned pet parents are discovering the amazing benefits of natural food. At Pro Breeds, all the nutrients and benefits that a Raw food has to offer are kept intact taking out all the water content and harmful bacteria without cooking at high temperature or using any chemicals and preservatives. 

Our purest recipes are minimally cooked just to avoid harmful bacteria and make no use of any artificial colors, fillers, or flavors to keep it 100% Raw and natural. All ingredients are minimally processed and frozen or dehydrated to keep 100% of its nutrition value intact and healthy.


Chicken meal, Goat meal, Chicken heart, Goat liver, Chicken fat, Fish, Amaranth, Organic Rice, Organic Corn, Whole Egg, Apple, Papaya, Cucumber, Pumpkin, beetroot, Carrot, Whole ground flaxseeds, Green peas, beans, Pumpkin seeds, Mint, Ginger powder, Coconut oil, and other seasonal vegetables and fruits.


All Breed champion dogs food recipe.

Minimal processed to intact all-natural ingredients.

Professional dog food for highly active all breed puppies and dogs.

Natural antioxidants and quality proteins provide healthy muscles.

Complete and balanced recipe for all life stages puppies and dogs.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids for Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat.

Vitamin and chelated minerals for a healthy immune system.

Calcium and Phosphorus Support Healthy Bone Growth and Joint Health.

Highly Digestible Protein helps to Develop Strong Muscles.

Provides strong muscles, bones, teeth, healthy skin and coat.

Also ensures optimal digestion of nutrients and supports Natural Defenses.

Developed by experts at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

Lean Muscle, Stronger Teeth, Shinier coat, Healthy Skin, and digestive system.

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