Pit Bull risks her life to save puppy from poisonous snake

Rescue dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet. Most of them will risk their lives to save the loving members of their family. A brave Pit Bull didn’t think twice when her puppy brother was in danger. When a venomous snake approached the 5-month-old Pit Bull, the older sister jumped in the way and assessed the damage for him.

Milly the Pit Bull is now in critical condition, but her brother Tonka escaped unscathed. She is fighting for her life and is getting better every day. Judging by her friendly canine face, she has no regrets. She’d do it again if it meant keeping Tonka safe.


Family comes first

Milly and Tonka were in the yard of their home in Australia when they encountered an Eastern brown snake. Fortunately, their mother, a paramedic named Madeline Mills, was home at the time. She ran outside to see what the commotion was about and panicked when she saw her two rescue dogs were in danger.

There was a snake near the Pit Bulls and Milly showed signs of venom just five minutes after being bitten. Mills wasn’t sure what was happening, so she rushed both dogs to the vet.

Eastern brown snake

Vets determined that Milly had several snake bites, but Tonka had no injuries. So Tonka was allowed to go home the next day, but Milly had to stay at the vet for four days. During that time, they gave her antidote to hopefully save her life.

“She seemed to have protected her little brother Tonka, who was not getting any poison,” Mills said.

Pit Bull at the vet

Beware of snakes!

Milly is doing better now that she is home, but she needs to rest. So she won’t be able to play with Tonka again until she feels better. While her little brother is disappointed, the whole family is relieved that Milly’s recovery looks promising.

Mills is urging people living in Australia to be extra careful with snakes in their yard. Eastern brown snakes are commonly found in people’s yards in Australia and are the species responsible for most human deaths in the country. They will often flee when threatened, but in some cases they will get into an S-shaped stance and strike.

Pit Bull at home from vet

So it is a good idea to always keep an eye on your dog when you are outside. Mills suggests homeowners also keep their lawns short so it’s easier to spot snakes.

“Like any other Australian, you just have to be careful,” said Mills. “It’s important to learn the basics of snakebite first aid and know the number of your local snake catcher.”

Milly is a brave pup who risks her life so much for her brother, but luckily they are now both safe in the comfort of their home.

Pit bulls playing

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