PetWale Diamond Dog Martingale Collar (Large)

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  • Looser than traditional collars for less fur breakage, tangles and skin irritation. Soft webbing that’s easy on your pet’s skin for a comfortable and yet stylish look.
  • Recommended by top trainers for gentle correction
  • A tug on the leash applies even pressure around the neck, preventing trachea damage
  • Secure contact holds scared, aggressive, or excited dogs from escape when they pull
  • ~1.5” in thickness, this collar will fit a medium or large size dog whose neck size is 17” to 30”

PetWale is a brand that makes attractive and functional products that enhance the life of pets and lifestyles of pet parents. We design and retail high quality products that made-in-India, keeping in mind the comfort of your pet and you.

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