Pet Me Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated – Aircraft Steel Tie Out Cable for Dogs Tangle Resistant Extra Strong Swivel Snaps Weather Resistant Durable and Long Lasting (20 Feet)

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  • 20- feet, lightweight and ultra strong tie-out cable for dogs up to 125 lbs
  • Reflective & anti-rusty vinyl cover for extra safety at night
  • Crimp and swivel clip covers for stronger ends and rust protection from rain
  • All-steel cable and clips. Rigorously quality tested.
  • Tangle free swivel clip for stronger ends gives dogs more freedom while keeping them safe.

A tie-out is simply a stake and chain or stake and cable that is designed to hold a dog in place.Pet Me cables are the best in class and the strongest you can find in the market they are heavy duty made from airplane steel and are capable for securing any dog.

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