Pawfect- Freeze Dried, Grain Free Complete & Balanced Food for All Ages Dog (Goat, 250g = 1KG Meal)

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  • Freeze dried 250g is equal to 1kg wet
  • More than 90% digestible, Single source animal protein
  • Convenient & complete nutrition
  • Nutritionally balanced with irresistible taste.
  • NO artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or processing aid.

At Pawfect, Every recipe we make now or in the future will be natural, nutritional and undeniably delicious. We consciously keep our ingredient decks clean and uncluttered, preferring to use small numbers of best-in-class ingredients that combine tirelessly to create truly memorable snacking solutions. Your dog’s and cat’s happiness are the very reason Pawfect Foods exists. Dog’s preference is for fresh goat meat with a sprinkling of exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs. we have them all in one pack. Our commitment to wholesome food means we expertly prepare our nutritiously delicious batches from carefully sourced natural ingredients in authentic kitchens. Our ingredients are delicately freeze-dried to ensure every meal is a Pawfect meal. Freeze-drying not only locks in all the fresh natural goodness and taste, it also highly concentrates. Simply adding a little water gives you 4x a box’s weight in meals.

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