Owner takes 5 newborn puppies from mom, dumps them next to dumpster in icy snow

There is so much cruelty in this world when it comes to animals and of course people. Although this story has a sad tone, we PROMISE a very happy ending and when good-hearted people take action to save our four-legged friends. Please SHARE with a friend or family member to know that there is still kindness in the world!

Five newborn puppies were left next to a garbage can in snowy Shaw Park by two irresponsible puppy owners. The nest is only two days old.

Image/story source: Youtube video

The puppies were still attached to their umbilical cords when they were abandoned. Someone left them to perish on a thick layer of snow, hidden by two dumpsters.

Image/story source: Youtube video

The puppies have been taken to a local shelter. They need their mother’s care, but the staff does everything they can to feed them and help them survive. The institution believes that the puppies were not abandoned by their mother, but that the owners violently separated them from her.

The Clayton Police Department has expressed grief and anger over the discovery of these puppies, according to Corporal Jenny Schwartz. They worry about the mother dog and worry that she might end up in a bad situation. Some agents have offered to look after the puppies as well.

Image/story source: Youtube video

Police are still looking for information to help them track down and punish the irresponsible owners. The owners will face charges ranging from animal neglect to animal abuse due to their negligence.

Watch the video below and how people came together to save these helpless babies. Be sure to SHARE this with a friend or family member!

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