‘Nutty’s Den’ Brings Unique Pet Jacuzzi Spa Experience to India

Nutty’s Den pet stores, salons and spas have state of the art grooming facilities with a unique pet jacuzzi service that is not only relaxing but also has therapeutic benefits. The stores are designed to overcome a major pain point for pet parents, who can’t see their pets being cared for.

Their stores have large glass panels around the grooming area that help maintain complete transparency in the grooming process. You can see how their pets are cared for and how they are treated and what products are used.

There has been a huge shift in the mindset of pet owners in recent years. Pets are now like children and pet ownership has shifted to raising pets. Pet parents spend time and money on the well-being of their four-legged babies, demanding quality products and indulgent services to pamper them. Nutty’s Den caters to the needs of discerning, well-read and well-traveled pet parents. With a wide range of ‘paw-picked’ pet products for new pet parents, Nutty’s Den offers premium products through its physical and e-commerce store www.nuttysden.com.

Founded by animal lovers, Sharan and Kapil Sharma, the brand takes its inspiration from their pet Shih Tzu – Nutty. Their Colaba and Parel stores, as well as the online store, are designed to enhance the pet store shopping experience.

Unlike conventional pet stores, where the shelves are usually cluttered and overcrowded, Nutty’s Den stores have systematically planned products by department for pet parents to discover and select what’s best for their pets. Check out their recommended service- A pet jacuzzi.

Nutty’s Den manages both international and native pet products with a special emphasis on eco-friendly and healthy products, such as preservative-free candies, toys made from recycled bottles and rubber, 100% cotton beds and mats, as well as organic massage oils and balms. Even the air fresheners used in the salon and spas are eco-friendly and made from recycled temple flowers.

The founders of Nutty’s Den

Sharan & Kapil with their dog Nutty!

Sharing the brand ideology, co-founder, Sharan Sharma said:“It all started when we brought Nutty home in 2013. With each passing day, our love for Nutty grew by leaps and bounds. Since he is our first child, we consulted vets and sought information on quality food, training, care and the best pet care products. Visiting pet stores in our town, we found that there weren’t too many attractive options, we wouldn’t want to stand there for more than a few minutes. On the contrary, when we traveled abroad we spent hours in pet stores and we were spoiled for choice. Then we decided to bring this experience of top quality products and transparent care under one roof in India.”

Kapil Sharma, co-founder of Nutty’s Den further added“With our love for pets, eye for quality pet products and experiences, as well as our desire to please like-minded pet parents; we took the leap from our corporate career at the end of 2019 to pursue our passion.”

Just five months after launch, Covid-19 lockdowns posed unprecedented challenges for businesses, especially emerging start-ups like theirs.

Sharan and Kapil went ahead and today made their way to two offline stores, an e-commerce store, and successfully launched their own line of pet accessories. However, it is not just about the company for them, Nutty’s Den believes in giving back to society. In addition to providing food to stray animals at subsidized prices, they work with NGOs to have stray and abandoned dogs and cats groomed in their stores.

These strays participate in adoption-a-thons looking and smelling fresh, unmarked after a groom at Nutty’s Den; increasing their chances of being adopted.

Sharan and Kapil are excited about the endless possibilities in animal care. They’re in it for the long haul, leg by leg ahead.

So the next time you want to spoil your pet, walk to their stores or order online at www.nuttysden.com

The store walkthrough

With 2500+ products they have something for large dogs and small Persian cats and India, there is also something fun for hoomans. At Nutty’s Den there is something for everyone!

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