National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day: Bring home a best friend for life!

Young woman adopts dog from a shelter.

Happy National Adopt an Animal Day! (Photo credit: Group4 Studio/Getty Images)

April 30th is National Adopt an Animal Shelter Day! America’s shelters and rescues are full of dogs and cats in desperate need of homes. How wonderful would it be if they all found their own loving forever home today?

Some shelters are seeing an increase in the number of homeless puppies and kittens coming in during the spring, so now is a perfect time to adopt. And there are always adult and older pets that are also looking for a home, if you prefer a quieter cuddly companion.

Whatever kind of lifelong best friend you’re looking for, National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is a great opportunity to bring a pet home. And if your house is already stocked with all the fur it can handle, you can still help by sharing adopted animals on social media or making a donation to a shelter or rescue you love!

Why adopt?

There are many ways to get a pet. Adoption from a shelter often means filling out applications, going through background checks and hoping you meet many qualifications to be a pet parent. So why would you have to go through all that?

Well, there are many reasons why adopting from a shelter or rescue is the best way to find the companion of your dreams while helping other pets at the same time.

Shelters should ensure that animals go to good homes. They want to make sure you’re prepared for the responsibility of raising pets so that you don’t return an animal to the shelter. They also don’t want people taking animals for use in dog fights or other forms of abuse.

And when you adopt from a shelter, you give an animal a chance at a forever home when it might otherwise have been left homeless or euthanized due to overcrowding. In addition, you will know that your pet has had medical care and necessary procedures, such as spaying and neutering, before taking it home.

You also free up resources in the shelter for the next animal that comes in. That means you save at least two lives when you adopt!

And the best part is that you can visit the shelter to find the perfect companion for you. You can meet all available pets and choose the one you interact with the most. Some shelters even allow you to foster a foster child, so you can be sure that the pet you choose loves your home and family before committing fully!

What should you know before buying a dog?

When you think of bringing a dog home, you probably think of fun walks, lots of cuddles, and unconditional love. But make no mistake; raising pets also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Before bringing a pet into your life, make sure you are ready to adopt.

You need to prepare yourself financially, physically and mentally for everything that comes with raising pets.

Here are just a few things to consider when choosing a shelter dog:

  • puppies require a lot of stimulation and play, as well as frequent naps. Their immune systems are not always fully developed and they may have medical needs that adult dogs do not. They may not be potty trained, so be prepared to clean up a few mishaps.
  • adult dogs have exercise needs and need mental stimulation. It is important that you can keep up with them. You may need to hire a dog walker if you’re going out for most of the day, or a sitter if you’re traveling.
  • older dogs tend to be more relaxed. While their exercise needs may not be that extreme, they sometimes come with health issues that need to be addressed. You must also be prepared for end-of-life care.

Of course, if you can handle the responsibility, you will be rewarded with everything you could hope for in a best friend, especially unconditional love!

Have a nice day and share a rescue cat, dog or other animal on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media page today. And if you have room in your house and heart for another critter, adopt!

Will you help spread the word about shelter animals on National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day? What do you think is the best reason to adopt an animal in need? Let us know in the comments below!

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