Man calls marriage after fiancé nearly kills his dog

Any true dog lover isn’t afraid to make their pup a priority. So it’s a good idea for pet parents to surround themselves with people who are just as loving and respectful of their dogs. A Reddit user was recently confronted with a shocking situation involving his fiancée and his dog that nearly resulted in his dog dying.

Because of this unfortunate situation, the man immediately called off the wedding. Then he turned to Reddit to ask if he’d handled it the right way. The reactions were very mixed, but in the end he knew he had made the right decision, not only for his dog, but also for himself.

Frustrated man shares his story

A 28-year-old man shared his story in the Reddit group r/AITA (Am I the A**hole?). The page allows people to share stories so users can help determine who was a jerk in the situation. This user’s story was about the night his 27-year-old wife-to-be poisoned his dog, which led to him canceling the wedding.

The user has a 7 year old Lab which he describes as “the biggest dog in existence”. His fiancé loves the dog too, so she asked if the puppy could stay with her when she had her bachelorette party at their house. The man agreed, saying he would leave the dog behind as long as she promised to put him in the bedroom once the party started. Unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned.

“Sunday at five o’clock I get a panicky phone call that something is wrong with the dog. She was drunk, so I told her to get a cab and go to the vet. When I got there she looked like she hadn’t stopped crying for hours and couldn’t even talk. Two of her friends were there so they told me my dog ​​is alive but not healthy. I felt sorry for her for ten minutes while I waited for the doctor,” the user wrote.

But then he discovered there was more to the story that he didn’t want to hear.

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Dog faces death

The doctor told the man that his dog was in hospital because he had ingested a lot of alcohol and chocolate edibles. His fiancé and her friends had gotten drunk and left the alcohol and chocolate on tables for the dog to reach. They hadn’t put the dog in the bedroom at all. Then the man decided that he could not go through with the marriage.

“When we got home, I told my fiancé to pack up and leave my house and my life. I told her to tell her guests the wedding is off, and I’ll tell mine. She was shocked, but she packed her things and left,” the user wrote.

Not long after, the man was bombarded with messages from his ex’s family, telling him his decision was insane. At first they only defended her, but the man said that they also started to insult him.

So he turned to his own family and friends for support, but was not happy with the response he received.

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Family is not supportive

All of the user’s friends and family agreed that he had made a mistake. His mother reasoned that his ex didn’t do it on purpose, and the dog didn’t die, so he should forgive her. His sister said he shouldn’t have canceled the wedding because of just one situation. Even his best man said he was overreacting.

However, the user added that this was not the first time his ex had put others at risk. He said she texted while driving and left things on the stove even though she turned on the wrong burner several times. So this was not a decision that came out of nowhere, but instead it was the last straw. After thinking about the situation for a while, he added his post to explain himself further.

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“By posting here, I came to the conclusion that this isn’t about the dog at all. She’s negligent and irresponsible and I don’t want to sit around and watch our kid die in a car accident one day because she texted or forgot to put his seat belt on. I’d rather be an asshole now than spend years of my life worrying every time our kid is left alone with her. If she accidentally killed someone while texting and driving, I’d leave her too. I think I’ve realized I don’t want to spend my life with someone who has such blatant disregard for human (or animal) lives,” the user wrote.

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What did Reddit users say?

Reddit’s responses were very mixed. Many said he wasn’t the bastard because he gave his fiancé simple instructions on how to take care of the dog, and she couldn’t even do that. Fellow dog lovers pointed out that it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to marry someone who cannot be trusted with his dog.

“You asked her to do one thing. Get rid of the dog. I saw a comment where you said they kept him out because they wanted to pet him and stuff,” one comment read. “She deliberately ignored what you asked of her after asking the dog to stay there, then neglected to watch the dog or put the dog away later when they started drinking.”

However, several people found his decision hard. They claimed it was an accident and the ex clearly felt terrible about it. Others pointed out that he shouldn’t have left the dog with her if he knew she was a careless person.

The overall verdict for the post ended up being “ESH” (everyone sucks here). Most responses agreed that everyone involved could have handled the situation better. Regardless of who people blamed in this scenario, almost everyone agreed that canceling the wedding was best. People could point fingers all day long, but it seems these two weren’t compatible. And now the man never has to worry about his dog being endangered in his own home.

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