LUVIN Puppy Premium Dog Food | Dry | All Breeds | Pet Food for Puppy Dogs | Grain-Free Chicken Recipe with Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs – 8 Kg

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  • Luvin Puppy Premium Dry Dog Food is specifically meant to nurture and nourish the brain, Skin & Coats, Eyes, Gut health, heart, liver, nerves, immune function, bones, joints & muscles with attention to palatibility and stool odour

Dogs add magic to every life they touch. With their limitless and pure love, unconditional loyalty and antics to adore, they bring boundless joy to all of us. And they depend on us to provide for and reciprocate the love. Good food is the bedrock of a healthy and wholesome life, your best friend deserves from you. We are committed to extending fabulous and delicious concept foods for companion animals, to help you do your part; love back the way they do. With this product, LUVIN brings to you complete and balanced daily nutrition for your dog in a grain-free diet. A unique blend of Fresh Chicken as the biggest ingredient with added Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs. These recipes are free from added preservatives, colors and flavours, naturally hypo-allergenic, full of natural Antioxidants, Phytonutrients and Essential Vitamins and Minerals. Designed to deliver holistic nutrition nose-to-tail, easy to digest, boosts immunity and strengthens joints and muscles for a forever playful pet. Brought together in a state-of-art IFS certified facility in West Europe to exceed US & EU Canine Standards.

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