Kitchen Storage Container Round TRANPERANT Set of 3, 3KG, 2KG, 1KG Plastic Container Set (3).

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  • :- BPA free and Odour-free It Is available in PINK Transparent round Container 3KG, 2KG And 1KG
  • :- Easy to open lid kitchen container :- The Containers have swift & easy to operate lid, Ideal for dry food, pulses, spices. The lid design ensures that the flavor remains intact.
  • :- Air Tight freshness seal lock ensures that your contents stay fresh until you need them. The Freshness Seal prevents entry of moisture and inhibits the growth of any fungus, bacteria and keeps away bugs, pests and other insects that can contaminate your food.
  • :- Set of Three containers, ideal for storing multiple items
  • :- Keep your food dry and safe container set combo – with this set of amazing Primelife plastic containers, you can safely store away your food without worrying about insects, rats or other pets.
  • :- Dishwasher-safe feature makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • :- The containers have easy to operate lids; ideal for dry food, pulses, spices. The airtight lids keep the contents fresh and free from moisture
  • :- 1.2 mm wall thickness makes the storage containers sturdy and durable
  • Note : This is a Air tight container

BPA free and Odour-free Built from Polypropylene {Grade-5} plastic & the set of storage containers are ideal for storing food items. The storage containers are odour-free and BPA-free which makes them fit for storing edibles like rice, sugar, pulses The odour-free nature of the set ensures that your food products retain their original aroma It Is available in 3kg, 2KG And 1KG. Capacity and Durability The containers are equipped with a capacity of 3KG, 2KG And 1KG.come in a set of Three; hence, the set is ideal for your kitchen and pantry storage needs. Made from Virgin gauge plastic and featuring 1.2mm wall thickness, the storage containers are sturdy, durable and long-lasting. Smart Construction S.R.P. containers feature Transparent round Container. which allow you to identify the contents stored without taking the trouble to open it. These storage containers come with virgin plastic, which help to keep the contents secured inside. Being dishwasher-safe, the containers are easy to clean and maintain. What Does Virgin Material Mean? Virgin material can be defined as unused raw material that has never been subjected to any processing other than for its production. While using recycled material is cheaper and better for the environment, there are cases where virgin material is preferred, such as in the manufacture of pipes that carry potable water. However, wastewater pipes and fittings can be manufactured using recycled material. Unused resources are more expensive than recycled, processed, or already used material. The selection of raw materials will depend on the type of trenchless construction project. Virgin raw materials used to manufacture new pipe products generally show better durability and have better mechanical and chemical properties.

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