INVIGRO Puppy Chicken Fish Milk Dry Dog Food, 10 KG – Pack

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  • 100% Natural. No Chemicals or Preservatives
  • Puppy Empower Muscles and Nerve
  • Maintain Skin Coats
  • Helps Bone Formation
  • Fortify teeth and Bone Enhanced Digestion – BEP (Backup End Performance) Boost Stamina

INVIGRO – using fresh and premium ingredients, we have tailor-made the right diet for dogs of all breeds and sizes, making sure their requisite nutrients levels have been met. Best part is that we do it all without any use of preservatives, chemicals, added flavours or steroids. Just fresh, flavourful and full of goodness!

Key Features:-
*Chicken – Rich in glucosamine chondroitin helps build cartilage and tissue in your pet’s joints.
*Black gram -Black gram is very nutritious as it contains high levels of protein, potassium, calcium, iron, niacin, Thiamine and riboflavin. Black gram complements the essential amino acids provided in most cereals
*Millets – Rich in fibre, and essential amino acid (healthy skin coat and enhanced digestion).

*100% Organic. No Chemicals or Preservatives
*German Formula
*Benefits of Invigro
*Puppy Empower Muscles and Nerve
*Helps Bone Formation
*Maintains Skin Coats Condition
*Fortify Tooth and Skeletal
*Development Enhanced
*Digestion – BEp (backup End performance)
*Boost Stamina
*Minimum Crude Protein – 23%
*Minimum Crude fat – 10%
*minimum Crude Fibre – 5%

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