How to solve a dog’s phobia due to thunderstorms?

If you are a dog owner, you should be accustomed to your dog’s storm phobia. Dogs are so stressed and afraid of the sound of thunder that they sometimes even tremble with fear or anxiety. There are a few tips and tricks to help them get used to the situation.

If your dog shows signs of high stress and tries to jump the wall or break the door to escape, these tips are of little or no use. Therefore, it is better to consult a behaviorist about storm phobia.

The situation consists of noises, vibrations, obscuration, flashes of light, fast movements of people, electrical charge development and humidity. Dogs can sense all these things that make them anxious and confused. The following tips can help you solve the mild to moderate storm anxiety problems.

early arbitration

It is better to resolve the situation at the early stage of life. The more time passes, the more they worry about the storm. Every season, the storm makes the situation worse. For an early resolution, you need to understand the symptom of the stress developed by the storm.

Some common symptoms include trying to hide, pacing, lip licking, panting, drooling, trembling, yawning, growling, barking, seeking safe shelter with its owner, and trying to get used to a short space. You can make it clear to the dog that he need not be afraid of these situations. Teaching them will help. But start at a young age.


Insure your dog when he is anxious or scared because of a storm. But remember that security and indulgence are two different things. The second can make the situation worse or worse. So always insure your dog as if nothing happened.

Indicate that nothing is happening, have them sit closer to you to feel safe, distract their mind with some toys and talk to them in a cool way. A loud voice of certainty will not work this time. Behave in your usual way around the dog.

Allow Hide

Have them hide under the bed or their box if a bunker or locked room is available. Provide such a place. Close all blinds and windows to stop the flashing light. If lighting is seen even after that, you can turn on the bright light of the room at night. Doing this minimizes the lightning effect.

noise reduction

In times of storm, play a movie or video to distract him from the noise. Turning on a radio or white noise works well in this situation.

Classical conditioning

Fixing the dog’s emotional state works early on, especially in dogs with mild to moderate phobia. In this situation, entertain them with their favorite game, treat, or toy. Try to use those things that attracted them the most. When they are stressed, distract their minds with toys and treats. But if these aren’t for the act of stress, it becomes the worst habit.

packing up

Preferably use the stress roll up wrap tightly around their body, which makes them feel relaxing. But be careful with the tightening, it is not as tight and the dog may feel uncomfortable. It should be snug, but stretchy. Use sweatshirt shirts and elastic bandages.

Electrostatic effect

Static electricity is created before a storm, which we cannot feel, but your dog can. Therefore, the dog wants to avoid it. So if the dog hides under the bed or makes a shawl (the crate with aluminum foil), it can help him reduce the feeling.

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