HORPIN Storage Pet Container Gift Set for Kitchen (300 ml , 500 ml , 1200 ml ) (Blue, Pack Of 18) (BLUE)

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  • Almost Like glass, but much lighter and unbreakable
  • Air-tight sealing which maintain the crispiness and freshness
  • Transparent body makes easy to spot the content inside
  • BPA free and food grade plastic material
  • Useful for Storage of tea, coffee, sugar, snacks, Grains etc.

Pet Jars are made of quality food-grade material with a transparent-glassy finish body which makes the contents inside visible. With its traditional reputation as a basic household need, the jar is great to store and organiser all sorts of things. A pantry full of this classy storage solution will not only look super organised but also stylish and modern. They are airtight and leak-proof, making it ideal to store cookies, snacks, food grains and dry fruits.

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