HABARIE Genuine Leather Young Adult Double Spiked Tan Color Dog Collar

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  • [ MATERIAL ] : HABARIE Dog Collars are made with high-quality leather which are stylish in design as well as classy for your pet.
  • [ SIZE ] : These are ideal for dogs with neck sizes ranging from 19 to 22 inches. It will be very comfortable and safe for your dog’s neck.
  • [ DURABLE WITH STYLE ] : The spiked leather collar will give your favourite pet tough look. Also, the material is of top quality so it can withstand tearing, ripping, etc. from your energetic dog.
  • [ HIGHLIGHTING-FEATURE ] : The spiked collar protects your pup with other canine bites on the neck if they get involved in a fight. This may avoid serious injury to the neck by other animals.
  • [ COMFORTABLE & SAFE ] : The collar comes with the neck padding for your little friend which gives comfortabilty and is totally safe for the neck of your precious doggy.

Habarie is a well-known brand which manufactures High-Quality Leather Products at reasonable cost making it easy to buy for everyone. We have a variety of product range which includes pet accessories, leather belts, leather bags such as sling bags, laptop bags, purses, hand nags, and shoulder bags.

Our Dog Collar & Leashes are unique, stylish and classy in design. We also constantly update our catalog to match and be up-to-date with latest designs in the market which are trending. Our main focus is to provide Premium Quality product at reasonable rates which is easy to buy for everyone who loves to treat their pet right.

As our products are made from Genuine Leather it is the first choice for all the Leather lovers who appreciate original leather products and feel proud to wear or carry it. And as it happens with all the leather products it only gets better with time which is the highlighting feature of this product.

So, level up your style with our stylish designer pet accessories and have the spotlight at any occasion. It is also an ideal gift for pet lovers which not only fulfills the need of taking your pet out safely with having full control, but also expresses your taste of fashion and style.

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