Golden Retriever Who Has Always Loved Puppies Finally Gets One From Him

Pork is a delicious Golden Retriever and Pork certainly lives up to its reputation. But there was always something missing. Pork adores other puppies and longed for a sibling of his own.

Image/story source: Youtube video

The new puppy, Teddy Sugar, was brought home by the owners and they arranged to film Pork and Teddy Sugar’s first meeting. The little but not afraid of him Teddy Sugar leans in to sniff some more while Pork does the same.

Image/story source: Youtube video

Pork immediately goes into play mode and jumps in all directions. He seems very happy to have a new sister. Teddy Sister doesn’t hesitate to join in and start licking, nipping and crawling over Pork. At the end of their first meeting, the two are so exhausted that they fall asleep side by side to rest.

Image/story source: Youtube video

It’s very clear that these two are going to be best friends or, as we like to say, BFFs!

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