Foodie Puppies Extra Strong Weather Tangle Resistant Vinyl Coated Galvanized Tie-Out Cable Leash for Dog up to 120LBS, (12- Feet)

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  • Innovative coiled construction retracts easily and quickly to avoid tangles.
  • Extra strong swivel snaps. This 12 feet of Tie-Out cable are coiled for easy storage and to minimize tangling. It stretches out and then coils right back up.
  • Weather resistant vinyl coated galvanized cable. The cable is made of vinyl-coated, weather-resistant galvanized steel and is extremely durable.
  • Durable and long lasting. The cable has the ability to tie your best friend out and trust that he’ll be there when you get back as well as avoid messes.
  • 12 feet long uncoiled. With a setup like this you can put this up out in the yard, forget about it, and know it’ll be there the next day!

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