Earth Day: 7 Ways to Be More Environmentally Friendly with Your Dog

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Happy Earth Day! (Picture Credit: Lane Oatey/Blue Jean Images/Getty Images)

April 22 is Earth Day! It serves as a reminder to be kinder and more aware of our planet. Whether that means using less water, turning off lights or carpooling, there are easy ways to help the environment.

However, going green doesn’t just apply to us as humans; it also applies to us as pet parents. If you want to live a greener life, it’s important to involve your pets in the process.

In honor of Earth Day, here are seven eco-friendly ways for you and your dog to live a greener life and reduce your impact on our home planet.

1. Buy Biodegradable Waste Bags

While it’s common for people to use regular plastic bags to pick up dog poop, they can actually be harmful to the environment. If you throw that doggy bag away, it ends up in a landfill where it can take hundreds of years for it to biodegrade on its own.

In addition, the dog poop cannot break down naturally if kept in a plastic bag.

The best solution to help our environment is to buy biodegradable poop bags. Also remember that you should always clean up your dog’s waste no matter what – firstly because it is the law, but secondly because it can contaminate the water supply with diseases such as E.coli and salmonella.

You can buy biodegradable dog poop bags here on Chewy!

2. Buy eco-friendly dog ​​toys

Most of our dogs love all things toy; that cannot be denied. While you probably already have enough toys in your house, you might want to consider adding some recyclable toys to your dog’s toy collection.

Not only will they reduce your environmental impact, but your dogs are sure to love them too. The video above gives you some examples of great, eco-friendly dog ​​toys, like a Frisbee made with all natural dyes sourced ethically, and even elk antlers, which shed naturally, so they’re completely earth-friendly.

3. Keep your dog cool with a non-electric cooling pad

dog cooling pad (Photo credit: The Green Pet Shop via

This is the perfect item for those hot summer days when your dog can’t stop panting and nothing seems to cool him down. No need to blow up the AC or use electricity.

This cooling pad works when pressure is applied to it. When your dog lies down, the cooling effect occurs immediately. It stays cool because it’s filled with a cooling gel, so even if there’s a power outage, your dog will still be able to stay comfortable.

You can get it here on Chewy!

4. Washable Dog Diapers or Cummerbunds

washable dog diapers (Photo credit: Pet Parents via

For people with older dogs, dogs with disabilities or dogs that are still housebroken, reusable and washable diapers or belly bands are a great solution. Not only do they save you money and the hassle of having to refill diapers and pads every week, but they are also an eco-friendly alternative to avoid the build-up of waste in landfills.

Washable dog diapers and belly bands are made differently for female or male dogs, so make sure you buy the right kind for your dog.

They are great for dogs with incontinence issues or those who feel they need to mark when they are in a new place. The best part is that there is nothing to throw away! Just wash and reuse.

On Chewy you can buy washable nappies for females here!

You can buy washable belly bands for males here on Chewy!

5. Dog products made from recycled material

Cycle Dog was founded in 2009 after Lanette Fidrych, a dedicated cyclist, suffered constant flat tires. She didn’t want to keep throwing away the old bicycle tires, so she decided to make dog collars, which then became quite a business.

A decade later, the company’s products are still made from recycled, eco-friendly materials.

Not only are the collars long lasting and durable, but they are also a great way to reduce your and your dog’s carbon footprint.

The company also has a range of eco-friendly products on their website, from toys to beds. Something as small and simple as buying a dog collar can still have an impact on the environment.

You can visit Cycle Dog here!

6. Make your own DIY recycled toys

While there are many recyclable toys on the market, a DIY project is a fun way to go greener. The video above shows you how to use old jeans and t-shirts to make pull rope toys for your dogs.

While you can of course buy eco-friendly products, which is a great way to be more eco-friendly, DIY projects are great because you can use products that you would otherwise throw away or give away and have them for years to come.

Plus, your dog will appreciate the extra effort you put into it!

7. Stick to reusable water bottles

reusable dog water bottle (Photo credit: KONG via

Most dogs go crazy at the mention of a “walk.” Of course, you want to make sure your pup stays hydrated when they put their paws on the pavement, so you’ll probably carry a supply of water for some of those longer, warmer walks.

Instead of relying on disposable plastic water bottles that can leach chemicals into your dog’s water and then sit in a landfill, buy a safe, reusable water bottle instead.

It’s best to choose a stainless steel or silicone option that you can use for years without worrying about harmful chemicals. The water bottle above is made of stainless steel and comes with a cup-shaped attachment. Fun and convenient!

You can buy a reusable dog water bottle here on Chewy!

How do you live more environmentally friendly with your dog? Do you have any tips in honor of Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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