Durable Nylon Leash and Collar for Small, Medium, Large Sized Dogs, with Strong Hook Multi Size & Multi Colored (Small, Blue)

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  • 0.75 Inch (Small) And 1 Inch (Medium) Collar With Leash Set Will Suitable For Small Dogs Like Pamerian,Pugs Etc.
  • 1.25 Inch(Large) Will Suitable For All Big Dogs For Example Labradors,German Shepard,Bull Dogs Etc.
  • Leash Length- 150Cms
  • Dog collar and leash set
  • Package contents: 1 x neck collar belts and leash set

PET Collars are Adjustable and Comfortable for your Dogs. These Belts made by Nylon Quality. PET collars with Leash set available in four sizes: * 0.75 inch (Small) *1 inch (Medium) *1.25 inch (Large) *0.75 inch (Small) and 1 inch (medium) collar with Leash set will suitable for small dogs like Pamerian,pugs etc. *.1.25 inch(large) will suitable for all big dogs for example Labradors,German Shepard,bull dogs etc. (Washable)

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