Dog tied to fire hydrant in Green Bay

If you’re an avid reader of DogExpress, you must have read about the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS). In breaking news, the organization is helping find a home for a dog that was trapped by a fire hydrant in Green Bay earlier this week.

Baby Girl, a nearly 6-year-old mixed-breed dog, was found on East Walnut Street and South Clay Street.

As they approached the dog, he had a note from the owner, which helped identify the dog, Baby Girl. It also explained why the owner was no longer able to care for the dog. They also found a backpack filled with toys, treats and food left next to the puppy.

The backpack can be seen next to the pub in the photos taken before rescuers transported the puppy to WHS’s Green Bay Campus.

The photos of the abandoned pup went viral after locals shared them on social media. It sparked an emotional response from many users.

The WHS said in their message, “We wish you all the best and hope seeing this will help you rest a little easier knowing your baby girl has a bright future ahead of her.”

If no one claims adoption for Baby Girl, she will be put up for adoption at the shelter.

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