Dog runs on airport tarmac in Mexico

The internet is a wonderful place full of cute dog and cat videos. For example, in the recent video that went viral, you can see a dog running on an airport tarmac in Jalisco, Mexico, after escaping the baggage handlers.

The video shows the dog running wildly over the airport asphalt and employees chasing him. However, it is still unclear how the dog escaped security, whether it was intended to fly or if it was a stray.

When the video was posted on the internet, one internet user commented, “That’s actually really sad and scary! If one of my dogs escaped like that, I’d be terrified.”

Another user joked, saying, “Legends say they’re still after the poor frightened dog.”

In Viralhog’s YouTube video, “The dog got loose from the baggage handlers and they chased him for a long time. They finally managed to get him.”

Here’s the video. Look:

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