Dog is home alone when the doorbell rings, owner comes back later and watches images

Nuomi, the German Shepherd, has been causing quite a stir lately due to his devious clever reception of a delivery package! This hairy man was all alone when the mailman rang the doorbell to drop off a package. That wasn’t all that happened, though!

Image/story source: Youtube video

In this video uploaded by home security, Nuomi is seen on the floor hearing the doorbell. He sits up and walks quickly to the entrance like a responsible good boy. Then he stands on his hind legs and swings open the door like it’s nothing!

Image/story source: Youtube video

The postman seems startled when he sees a dog open the door. But Nuomi wastes no time on introductions and quickly snatches the box from the mailman’s hands. When the stunned man lingers by the door to talk to a person, Nuomi growls at him and signals him to move on.

Image/story source: Youtube video

Finally, the package is placed on the couch. The mission is accomplished. Later, the postman came back to apologize for being so shocked by the dog that he forgot to get a “signed” receipt.

You are going to LOVE these smart doggy pants in the video below. You MUST watch it to the end, enjoy!

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