Dibaq Fitmin Puppy Mush | Starter Cereal with Milk | 3 Weeks up to 8 Weeks . Weaning Diet for All Breed Puppies A (3kg)

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  • Ingredients : Dried milk, extruded rice, extruded amaranth seed, whey powder, extruded corn, sugar, egg powder, flavoring agents.
  • Analytic Composition crude protein 16.3 %, crude oils and fats 8.3 %, crude ash 4.1 %, crude fibre 0.4 %.
  • Feeding Guide Recommended Rationing : Ration the mush in accordance with the size of the puppies, size of the litter and the dog’s production of milk The mush is recommended to be fed to puppies after the 4th week of age. From the 5th week of age, start adding a complete feed for puppies into the mush . We recommend the eventual transition to the complete extruded feed of Fitmin mini, medium or maxi.
  • Mix 2 parts of the mush with 3-5 parts of warm water or milk(Fitmin puppy milk surrogate is recommend-ed), feed this mush to puppies twice a day and, once they have created the habit, up to six times a day.

Fitmin Puppy Mush facilitating the transition from milk to complete extruded food. It is very easy to use: ration and stir in warm water or milk. The materials used guarantee high palatability and digestibility, and reduce the risk of diarrhoea after weaning the puppies. Key Features: Weaning Diet for all breed puppies Dairy products in the form of milk in powder and whey in powder guarantee high palatability and digestibility. Balanced ratio of vitamins and trace elements enables the young body of a puppy to function properly. High value of egg proteins ensure complete nutrition also in the period of reduced food intake. Natural bacteria of yoghurt culture enhance digestion and beneficial intestinal microflora population. Natural antioxidants protect quickly growing tissue.

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