Couple wakes up to find an unfamiliar dog snuggled in bed

It’s normal for Julie Thornton Johnson and her husband Jimmy to have multiple dogs in their bed. They have three furry friends who love to get extra cuddles at night. So when they saw a dog next to them on a pillow, the couple thought nothing of it.

But when they woke up in the morning, they didn’t recognize the dog snuggling up next to them. At that point, however, worry was furthest from their minds. Instead, all they could do was laugh and wonder how the dog snuck in without alarming the other puppies.


Determined to cuddle

When Jimmy woke up, he asked Julie who the dog in the bed was. Julie realized they had never seen the dog before, but the puppy had felt right at home. She seemed friendly, so the couple didn’t bother moving her.

Julie took some pictures of the comfy dog ​​and put them online. As she waited for an answer, she had many questions.

Woman with strange dog

“First, how did the dog get into my house? And two, we have three dogs, and they bark at everything. A squirrel in the garden, a rabbit, a bird, they bark. And there was no sound,’ Julie said.

The couple later realized that the back door must have been left open by accident. However, it is still a mystery how the dog wandered into their house and jumped into their bed without causing a stir.

Dog makes it easy on himself

Time to go home

Soon, Julie’s humorous post about the strange dog went viral. Cris Hawkins saw the post and messaged Julie saying that the dog was hers and its name was Nala. Hawkins lives a few houses away and she thinks Nala must have slipped out of her collar at night and ran down the street. When the pup craved attention, she found her way to Julie’s house.

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Dog sleeps in stranger's bed

Julie asked Hawkins for a title deed before giving up on Nala. Hawkins sent her many photos, including some Christmas photos. Jimmy was still cuddling Nala when her family came to pick her up. Nala wasn’t eager to get out of her comfy spot, but she was happy to see her people. Julie and Jimmy joked that they would have had another dog if no one had claimed her.

Julie and Jimmy have since become friends with the women who own Nala, and the crazy story has gone viral. Everyone involved thought the situation was hilarious and it’s a day none of them will ever forget.

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