Complete Guide to Cane Corso – Read Before Buying One!

Are you looking for an addition to the family? What could be better than having a puppy at home? Always make sure you buy a suitable dog breed, especially if you have small children and the elderly in the family.

Certain breeds are perfect for large families and visitors. However, some dog breeds don’t like too many strangers and people around. So the golden question that comes to mind is: Is the Cane Corso right for me?

Find out more about Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a huge dog that resembles the mastiff family. The average lifespan of these four-legged friends is 10-12 years. The origin of these breeds is Greece.

They are perfect for lovers of active dog breeds. These are Molossian dogs that come from the Greek tribe Molossi.

However, when the Romans became powerful all over Europe, they migrated to other countries. This dog breed came to Italy. Soon there was a local Italian breed that resembles a large Mastiff.

The average length of an adult male is 62-70 cm and the female’s 58-66 cm. The male cane Corso is huge and weighs about 45-50 kg and the female about 40-45 kg. These are loyal pets and are extremely popular in Europe. It is recognized by the American Kennel Club

They come in a wide color of coats ranging from black, lead gray, slate, grays, fawn and tubby. If all of this preliminary information doesn’t ring a bell with you, research more reasons to make an informed decision before buying a Cane Corso puppy.

Fun fact about Cane Corso

The appearance of a Cane Corso is tough and mean. On the contrary, it is a fun dog to stay active. However, the origin of this breed was to protect people from wild animals.

Legends have tales of Cane Corso fighting lions in the Tibetan highlands to protect the monks of the ancient monasteries.

You may be shocked to hear this. But yeah! They are loyal and protective dogs. So don’t expect gentle behavior from an adult breed.

Cane Corso Gezondheid health and well-being

You should know the care and welfare of any dog ​​breed before becoming a dog parent. Like the other dog breeds, even Cane Corso has hereditary and aging issues.

So you may need to be careful as they get older. While these breeds age gracefully and look attractive and masculine even in later life, it’s important to know what ailments they may be dealing with.

  • hip dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • cherry eyes
  • Problems with nails and ear
  • Ectropion and Entropion
  • cardiomyopathy
  • Epilepsy
  • Wobbler syndrome
  • Thyroid
  • Demodectic Mange
  • allergies
  • bloated feeling
  • cruciate ligament problems

Cane Corso Gezondheid health and well-being

Pros and Cons of Cane Corso

Let’s move on to exploring the pros and cons of becoming a Cane Corso parent.

  1. The Cane Corso is a loyal breed like any other dog breed, and they make a great family companion. It is an ideal breed for families with children and the elderly. They protect the families and show no aggression towards the family.
  2. One of the best qualities of Cane Corso is the ease of training these breeds. You do not need professional help to train these puppies. These are smart watchdogs that adapt immediately to the new environment.
  3. Cane Corso puppies are low maintenance canines as they do not have fur coats so the grooming and grooming is low key. These four-legged pets are moderate shredders. You don’t have to worry about her everywhere.
  4. Provide a huge backyard with secure gates as these pooches love to stay active and play.
  5. Now let’s look at some of the disadvantages of Cane Corso dogs.
  6. When purchasing a pet for the first time, these breeds are strictly NO-NO. The reason is the cost associated with this particular breed.
  7. The Cane Corso breeds are large. So their diet is large. It can be expensive to maintain a large serving of dog food, especially if you have budget constraints.
  8. Taking out pet insurance is ideal as vet bills can rise.
  9. Cane Corso puppies are expensive and they also struggle with separation anxiety if left for an extended period of time.

Pros and Cons of Cane Corso

Make the decision – conclusion

DO NOT BUY CANE CORSO if any of the cons is one of the ticks in your list. These are some big responsibilities, so be sure. But if you decide to buy a Cane Corso puppy, check the prices online or at the nearest shelter.

A Cane Corso price is high because the adult female has fewer offspring. Prepare your home before bringing the puppy in by investing in dog-proofing the home. Buy the best quality dog ​​gates that fit on doors, and you can also switch it up by buying a playpen.

Buy lots of toys as the little ones love to chew and tear on toys. Provide a good feeder for fixed food and water bowls. Try getting ceramic over plastic or metal as these are healthier options and last longer.

Invest in DIY grooming tools like gloves, nail clippers, clippers and brushes. Buy unscented dog shampoos and toothpaste for better hygiene and a nice smelling puppy.

The main point to consider is that these breeds are loud and if you live in an apartment or neighborhood be sure to check with the community to see if they are okay with the random barking and banging.

Get your cute looking Cane Corso puppy today and enjoy a lifetime of companionship!

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