Chef Dog will impress you with his cooking skills

If you have a dog around you, you are probably aware of all the things a dog can do. Being one of the great companions, dogs keep their people busy and bestow a lot of affection and love. However, a dog’s video will pleasantly surprise you with what it can do.

The video posted to Instagram shows a dog who is a chef who can bake muffins for his human, and it’s pretty cute to watch them.

The video posted by the Instagram account @cookingwithbadger on April 17 has more than 16 thousand likes and many views. The dog is wearing a cute chef’s hat and apron while making the muffins. The dog bakes muffins and also pours a coffee cup for his hooman.

The caption of the video says, “If your dad works at home and he’s constantly asking for afternoon snacks.”

Watch the video below:

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