At work Scrolling through these 21 funny tweets about cats and dogs

As you work hard today, know that you are not the only member of your family toiling. That’s right, while you’re making the money for cat and dog food, your furry home is getting ready for their shift from cuteness back home! And your fur kids are the hardest workers you’ll ever meet.

But before you can rush to your bestie, the job has to get its hours. So, let the cats and dogs of Twitter help you through the long work day! We’ve rounded up some of the week’s best tweets about cats and dogs for your enjoyment. Now go scrolling and help the hands move a little faster!

Getting started Scrolling through these 21 posts about cats and dogs

#1 – Same.

#2 – That’s the best work.

#3 – It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

#4 – You are now going to save a lot on streaming services…

#5 – New man at work looks pretty cute.

#6 – It’s hard work to always have that camera ready!

#7 – Throw a fish at your Witcher…

#8 – Bongo has big brains!

#9 – It’s just a bit of hocus pocus…

#10 – It’s a good way to go.

#11 – I’ll take a pamphlet, please.

#12 – Offer accepted.

#13 – Oh, but you really do.

#14 – Um, so cute.

#15 – Yes. Yes it does…

#16 – We don’t like you alone, Mr. Truck… we love you and your squiggly ass!

#17 – Whatever day it is, a ‘triple blep’ makes it a good day…

#18 – Adorable wide load coming through…

#19 – It is one of your most important jobs as a cat minion…

#20 – A real one leg professional who deserves all the peanut butter.

#21 – All the time…

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