Ansawi Fridge Storage Containers | Drain Plate and Lid Stackable | Plastic Freezer Storage Containers for Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Fruits (pack of 3)

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  • Freezer storage containers comes with a drain lid below which drains the moisture from the food which helps in keeping the fruits & vegetables fresh all over the long durations; this fridge storage box is a blessing for urban modern smaller kitchens or where there are space constraints.
  • These fridge containers for storage are made of high food grade plastic which is highly durable. Refrigerated storage, effective sealing, prevent the interaction of different food odors, facilitate the management of food and save space
  • The bottom of the drainage plate is raised to reduce food contact with the bottom, so as to avoid food damage caused by dampness.
  • The refrigerator storage containers design allows for excellent space savings in the refrigerator, freezer, cupboard and drawers. They help organize the fridge and keep things clean and tidy
  • Food Storage Container with drain plate, suitable for storing seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, tableware, etc. Lock fresh and keep water. The Food Storage Container is Made with clear, durable food-grade PP material, they are easy to clean.
  • 27 x 11 x 6 cm, suitable for most refrigerators, freezers, cupboards, drawers. Can be stackable, neat and beautiful, save your space.

Ansawi Fridge Storage Boxes Fridge Organizer with Removable Drain Plate and Lid Stackable Fridge Storage Containers Made of 100% food-grade PP material. With a removable cover, smooth edges and surfaces will not hurt your hands. Dishwasher safe/stackable/refrigerator is safe. The fridge organizers with detachable drain plates can prevent fruits, vegetables and meat from being immersed in water. The design of the fridge containers can save a lot of space in refrigerators, freezers, cabinets and drawers. They help organize the refrigerator and keep things tidy. Perfect design and high quality. Very good tool, perfect storage and freshness. Easy to use and clean. Clear freezer container, easy to find your food. Add the lid, prevent odours and keep your food dry and original.

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