85 Pawsome Spring Captions For Your Dog Photos

Spring is our favorite season. The weather is pleasant before the summer heat sets in. With an extra hour of daylight it is wonderful to spend more time outside. We love to see green grass and flowers bloom. It’s the perfect time to take dog photos. Here are fun spring captions you can use for your dog photos.

Welcome Spring Captions

Spring is a beautiful reminder of how beautiful change really can be.

To a new beginning.

Do you smell that? Paw-somewhat spring!

Smile, it’s spring!

You are the spring in my step.

Woof! I’m planting myself here!

If you were a flower, I’d pick you.

Happiness is sunny spring days.

I have sunshine on a cloudy day.

Spread LOVE like flowers in spring.

Let your dreams bloom.

The earth smiles in flowers.

Spring Dog Captions

Spring Captions Inspired by Quotes

A house without a dog is like a garden without flowers.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Pawty!”.

My sunshine doesn’t come from the sky, it comes from the love in my dog’s eyes.

Take a tip from a dog: An open field and a sunny day are good reasons for joy and celebration.

Take the time to stop and smell the flowers.

When life knocks you down, roll over and smell the roses.

Hilarious Spring Jokes That Make The Funniest Captions

What did the tree say to spring?
What a new leaf!

Dogs go on pupation!

What did the big flower say to the small flower?
Hey Bud!

How do you know that flowers are friendly?
They always have new buttons!

Why couldn’t the flower cycle?
It lost its petals.

What’s Spring’s Favorite Pickle Type?

What do you get when two plants kiss?

What kind of bow cannot be tied or unfastened?
A rainbow.

What do you call a chicken crossing the road?
Poultry on the move!

What day does an Easter egg most hate?
frying day!

Where does the Easter Bunny have breakfast?

What does a rabbit like to dance to?
hip hop.

Spring Rain Captions for Dog Photos

Spring Rain and Rainbow Captions

April Showers brings May flowers.

Let your smile be your umbrella on a rainy day.

When it rains, you should definitely play in the puddles.

If someone really loves you, they will walk with you in the rain, maybe even play in puddles.

Rain or shine, I feel fine.

Rain showers in April make for stunning selfies.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

You are my rainbow on a cloudy day.

Make your own rainbows every day.

Your true colors are as beautiful as a rainbow.

A heart of gold is where the rainbow begins.

Spring Pun Captions

What a re-LEAF!

Long THYME, no, see, spring.

That blooms great!

A PEONY for your thoughts.

Thyme for some daffodils.

I was just pollen your leg.

I LILAC Spring.

You can use POPPY-n at any time.

Say ALO to my little friend

Make every day a LILY better than the last.

We were MINT for spring.

You look fresh as a DAISY.

That’s IRIS proof!

Cover me with DAISY!

Last but not least, BUD.
Here come the SUNFLOWERS.

That’s a MAY sing!

You ROSE to the occasion.

What in CARNATION are you doing today?

ALO, you are many!

IRIS you all the joy in the world.

The Rabbit Motto!  Don't worry, be hoppy

Pawdorable Spring Bunny Captions

Hop into spring!
Some bunnies are ready for spring!
Hoppa April!
Egg Citing Month!

You are very cute.
You are egg-ceptional!
You are spʼeggʼtacular!
Egg-forgive me?
Egg-cited for treats?

Feeling a bit like a bunny today.
I am waiting for the Easter Bunny to visit.
You make me so hoppy.
A rabbit loves you, and that rabbit is me.
Have a nice hare day.
Just feel ear-proof.
Don’t worry, be hoppy.

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to every bunny!
Have an eggy Easter.
What an egg-citing Easter celebration.
I wish you hoppy this Easter day.
Some rabbits love Easter.
May your bunny day be filled with happiness.

Have fun taking spring photos of your dog.

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