8 Best Interactive Dog Toys For Your Puppy

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Finally, here’s our independent review of what I found to be the best interactive dog toys on the market​ to help challenge your dog’s mind.

​Just like children, dogs need mental and physical stimulation in order to thrive.

When advising clients we ​often remind them that 10 minutes of mental exercise can tire your dog out just as much as a 30-minute run.

Research has shown that dogs that engage in interactive play are easier to train and are less likely to engage in negative behaviors (such as eating my favorite shoes!) than other dogs.

An action shot of Adelle playing with her favorite interactive dog toy – the squirrel puzzle toy. She’s already extracted this one from the stuffed tree stump. Sorry for the blur Adelle moves fast when she’s having fun.

While ideally, I would love to have the time to personally engage my ​Lab in enough interactive play to keep him healthy and happy, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

To fill this gap, I look for the best interactive dog toys.

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