10 Paw-Some Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms

Family dog ​​is momentarily forgotten in the excitement of a birthday party.

(Photo Credit: Chris Valle/Getty Images)

Mother’s Day falls on May 9 this year. If you’re still looking for a great dog mom gift, you can find plenty of great ideas online.

Dog moms take care of their puppies all year round and they deserve a special day in their honor. If you haven’t done your Mother’s Day shopping yet, there’s still time to get a gift your dog mom will appreciate.

Here are ten dog mom gifts to buy in time for Mother’s Day.

1. A dog bike trailer

dog in a bicycle trailer (Image credit: PetSafe/Chewy.com)

Here’s a gift for active moms and dogs who love to go on an adventure!

For smaller breeds who can’t keep up or older dogs who can’t move very well but still want to go outside with mom, this is a perfect solution.

You can get it here on Chewy!

2. Comfortable furniture protectors

seat cover (Image credit: Sure Fit via Chewy.com)

Protect mom’s furniture from dog paws and shedding season with this soft loveseat cover! It is available in many colors to match mom’s style and decor.

You can get it here on Chewy!

3. Chuckit! launcher

Chuckit Ball Launcher (Photo credit: Chuckit! via Chewy.com)

Throw balls twice as far with a Chuckit! Mom doesn’t have to touch her pup’s drool as much as she plays with this.

It’s also great to be able to throw further without straining the arms too much.

You can get it here on Chewy!

4. ‘Dogs Because People Suck’ Mug

dog mug (Picture Credit: Toasted Tales via Amazon)

This mug is a great way for dog moms to start their day.

It lets everyone know that only dogs are allowed near mommy before she has had her coffee.

You can get it here on Amazon!

5. Dog Print Throw Pillowcases

dog pillow (Photo credit: Redland Art via Amazon)

Get some of these artful pillowcases for Mom’s throw pillows! They are made of a cotton-linen blend and look very stylish.

There are also many different breeds to choose from, so take a look and find the perfect one for your dog mom!

You can get them here on Amazon!

6. Dog Print Reverse Folding Umbrella

Dog Umbrella (Image credit: ABLINK/Amazon.com)

This durable and reversible dog print umbrella lets mom show off her love for dogs even in the rain.

the unique c-shaped handle also frees up hands. That means more hands available to pet!

You can get it here on Amazon!

7. Leather Notebook With Lock And Dog Print

dog diary (Image credit: ToiM/Amazon.com)

This beautiful leather journal is ready to write in. A fastened lock helps keep sniffing muzzles away.

You can get it here on Amazon!

8. Round beach towel, picnic blanket and more

dog towel (Photo credit: Moslion via Amazon)

This versatile item can be used as a beach towel, yoga mat, picnic blanket, rug and more. It’s microfiber and comes in three sizes – big enough to share with a favorite dog.

You can get it here on Amazon!

9. Dog House Slippers

dog slippers (Image credit: Snoozies via Amazon)

These cute fleece slippers will keep mom’s paws warm in the house. They are comfortable, flexible and cute!

You can get them here on Amazon!

10. Handy Pooch Bottle Holder

Wine Rack Playful Puppy Bottle Holder (Image credit: ZHILONG/Amazon.com)

This helpful dog will hold Mommy’s wine until she’s ready! It’s cute and makes for a great conversation starter.

You can get it here on Amazon!

What other gifts would be great for a dog mom on Mother’s Day? Are you getting something special for your dog mom this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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